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In our membership we aim to represent the diversity of views of the Commons users whether they be dog walkers, runners, cyclists, tennis players, anglers, nature lovers, footballers or anything else, and to work together to provide a considered and collective view on the issues presented to us.

Our membership is restricted to 24 local residents and/or representatives from local societies, clubs or groups, who meet once every six weeks, and we are committed to represent the diversity of Commons users. Visitors are welcome to attend and participate in our meetings although they cannot vote.

Our meetings are usually held at the idVerde offices at the corner of Dr Johnson Avenue and Elmbourne Road from 7-9pm. They may also be held in the Woodfield Pavilion or, if necessary, on a social media platform.

If you would like to attend a meeting (where you can join in discussions but not vote), or if you would like to become a Committee member, do please contact us.

Our next Annual Public Meeting will be held online on 30th June 2020 at 7 pm. This is the event at which our work of the year is reviewed and committee members are elected. Unfortunately numbers must be restricted so please email for an invitation if you would like to attend or to join the Mac.

The first MAC meeting for 2020/21 will be:

July 23

The Minutes of meetings of the TCMAC can be viewed here

TCMAC Minutes 2017.01.11 inquorate

TCMAC Minutes 2017.02.23

TCMAC Minutes 2017.04.04

TCMAC Minutes 2017.05.16

TCMAC Minutes 2017.07.24

TCMAC Minutes 2017.09.05

TCMAC Minutes 2017.10.18

TMAC Minutes 2017.11.30

TCMAC Minutes 2018.03.14

TCMAC Minutes 2018.05.17

TCMAC Minutes 2018.07.17

TCMAC Minutes 2018.09.05

MAC Minutes 2018.10.18

MAC Minutes 2018.11.26

MAC Minutes 2019.01.08

TCMAC Minutes 2019.02.20

MAC Minutes 2019.04.04

MAC Minutes 2019.05.13

TCMAC Minutes 2019.07.30

TCMAC Minutes 2019.09.10

TCMAC Minutes 2019.10.24

TCMAC Minutes 2019.12.02

TCMAC Minutes 2020.01.14

TCMAC Minutes 2020.02. 26

TCMAC Minutes 2020.04.08

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