Annual Public Meeting

The Coronavirus ‘lockdown’ has brought many of the challenges  facing the Tooting Commons into sharp relief. For example:

  • How do we balance the need to get outside and exercise and socialise with our duty to protect the natural treasures of the Commons?
  • How can a reasonable compromise be struck between promoting safe ‘active travel’ by cyclists across the Commons and the desire for some paths where walkers are free to roam without fear of collision?
  • How can the Council’s need to balance its books be weighed against fears that parts of the Commons will be ‘privatised’ and lost to free public access?

These are the sorts of issues that the TCMAC was set up to advise the Council about, but to do it effectively we need to represent all strands of opinion to enable it to come to informed decisions. We are an advisory committee, not a campaigning or pressure group, and all views and experiences are very welcome.

If you would like to  help manage the commons please come to the Tooting Commons Management Advisory Committee’s Annual Meeting at 7pm on 30 June and have your say. 

Better still, this is your opportunity to join the Committee and take part in the decision-making. Our 24-member committee is publicly elected each year at this annual meeting and then meets every six weeks through the year. 

To attend the APM or stand for election please email , and you will be sent an invitation to the meeting.

If you would like to join the Committee please also add your postcode, and a short description of yourself and your interests related to the Commons so that it can be used to appeal to electors in the event of a contest.

Documents that will be discussed at the APM are below.

TCMAC Agenda APM 2020 final

TCMAC nominations 2020

TCMAC Chair’s Report 2020

Parks & Events Police Statistics for Tooting Common 1st April 2019 to 31st March 2020

TCMAC Minutes APM 2019 Draft.docx

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