Planning Applications

The Tooting Commons are some of the great attractions to living in the local area as centres for recreation and as valuable spaces for flora and fauna – some of it endangered.

The Commons are under constant threat from development with parts of the Common being moved from public to private use – such as the tennis courts – and the intrusion of infrastructure such as telecommunications masts and support systems. Whilst many of these may seem justifiable individually, collectively they pose a real threat to the integrity and special nature of the Commons and so in our view should be approached with considerable caution. Once land has been lost or precedents set these can be very hard to reverse.

Private developments around the edge of the Commons  can also have an effect on their unique character and we see it as a key role of the MAC to assess and comment on these from the perspective of maintaining the Commons as a high quality asset for everyone. The concerns may be about light, noise, traffic, safety or a host of other factors.

Whilst the MAC puts in its own comments on planning applications on Commons users’ behalf it is very important that concerned individuals do so too – highlighting the areas of greatest concern and interest. You may find some of the arguments and evidence in our notes below useful in making your own submissions.

Balham Boxing And Youth Club 366 Cavendish Road and Football Pitch East of 366 Cavendish Road SW12 0PP  Application number 2019/4206

Alterations including erection of single storey rear and side extensions, installation of replacement roof, doors, platforms with disabled access ramps; installation of all weather football pitches with associated perimeter fencing and floodlights

Comments must be received by 10/12/2019



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